Is it annoying that your so short~?
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Height has nothing to do with skills. And since mine are proficient, being short can be annoying or whatever the hell it wants to be. Doesn’t change my flexibility to kill Titans.

Hi Heichou, I was wondering if you have feelings for Petra and if you do what would you do if she came back to life?

Part of being the Corporal is realizing that the dead cannot come back. I’ve learned to accept that, as everyone else has too. So considering what I would, “do,” would be a waste of time. Thoughts like those won’t bring them back. 


He is careless when it comes to people. Never considering that maybe his words can cut too deep, or that silence is another fashion of being uncommitted. It’s the way he has always lived— cautious and ignorant of unneccessary bonds that could build over time.

So the day he realizes just how heartless and unattached his disposition is, is the same day he sees her smiling down that aisle walking straight into a wedding that was meant for the both of them. Only, another man has taken his place beside her.

 "Congratulations," he tells her after the church bells ring vibrantly and the crowds of chattering people gather around, taking turns to talk to the bride and groom.

She stares at him, as if expecting. Waiting. He doesn’t know what else to say, what more he can do anymore. So he bites his tongue, forces a smile, and tries to swallow down the sight of a woman he once had, but was too ignorant to keep.

Turning his heels as if on automatic, he walks out of the room, swearing he can feel a pair of charcoal eyes digging into his back.

Don’t go, it’s telling him. But because he is careless when it comes to people, and never considering that maybe his words can cut too deep or that silence is another fashion of being uncommitted— he leaves with a bitter taste in his mouth.

 Of a boundless void that could never be filled or replaced by anyone else but her.


"Humor me this. What era will it be when you realize your own goddamn faults? And don’t give me some crap about this being completely irrelevant to the issue at hand because I got news for you. This is relevant, and I need answers."

—Answers that I don’t have.” Mikasa seethed, griping her fists angrily. “And the faults that you think you know so well— it doesn’t exist. Just like your heart, Corporal.”

There was malice in her eyes. It was a step closer to the truth; a path he knew would ultimately destroy their relationship together.

But it was a risk he was willing to take. An answer he’s been trying to figure out since the moment she was assigned to his team.

"Never claimed I had one," he chuckled darkly, "but what I do have is hard evidence supporting my allegation. So question is, what will you do now Ackerman?”

She blinked hard, shaking her head as if she knew there was a dead end. “Don’t do this Levi—

"But I have too. And I goddamn will because what you did was unacceptable."

"I had to do it. You don’t understand!"

—Oh but I do. Because I am your commanding officer and you are my recruit. And what that entails—like any other soldier— is your loyalty to me. To the Survey Corps. And to Erwin Smith, need I fucking remind you.”

Eren had no choice..” Her voice became weak, and he could almost feel his resolve slipping.

This was what he wanted. What he needed to do. But there was a price to pay. A beautiful, charcoal eyed beauty he would never get to touch again.

"You had a choice, Mikasa.” He clenched his fists tightly. “You could have came to me and we could have discussed things before it ran out of control. But you didn’t, and now my back is against the wall. So if you’re suggesting that discipline is out of the picture, then you obviously aren’t the same solider I’ve worked my ass off day after day to keep onto this team.”

Levi could hear the walls cracking. To his heart, or perhaps the trust that he thought was between them. Whatever it was, it was gone.

And he knew at the end of the day, if it was between Jaeger and him, Mikasa would undoubtedly choose Eren.

"I see," she answered stoned-face. "I will accept any punishment regarding the incident with Eren. If that’s all there is to it, are we done?”

Levi eyed her carefully. “I don’t know Mikasa, are we?”

If looks could kill, he would certainly be dead by now.

"Yes, Levi. We are."

And just like that, she was out of his life and painfully tucked away in his memories.

"Goodbye, Mikasa.”

Rivamika Day 3: Gamble

Sorry for the lateness! Hope you enjoy ;)

The clock is always ticking in his favor. Whether it be his duty as Corporal, or simply the effortless arrangements of his conscientious life. Nothing is ever steered out of his control—his vision clear and disposed at his reach, and mostly away from others.

He doesn’t attach himself to people, in fear that their attachment to him will only grow stronger. And that would be an unfortunate outcome for him—to them, in particular. He is not your everyday type of guy. Whatever the hell that means; leaning more towards dark, mysterious, with a whole lot of ‘none of your fucking business’ type of baggage that comes along with him.

There is just one rule that he goes by.

And that is: Dinner, Sex, and Goodbyes.

He is noncommittal towards women. They know this. It makes the job easier, and he likes them to be quite familiar to that trait.

But even so, a chase comes in handy sometimes.

And she’s standing right in front of him, with her long, smooth legs—eyes penetrating with a gaze that could knock down an army of men. She is a fine specimen, however, she is one he cannot touch.

Not because he doesn’t want to—God how he would devour that pretty, little mouth of hers—but because she won’t allow him to approach. It’s funny, actually, considering how he has complete control over her, yet when it comes to his temptations and his needs as a man to fulfill that seething hunger of his—she seems like miles away.

She enjoys playing this game. He sees it in her eyes. It’s tempting to play, but somewhere deep inside, he wants the girl at his mercy. To beg, kneel, writhing, and scream for him until she’s completely undone and the only thing she has in her mind is—


He eyes her warily. Oh right, they were in a middle of a discussion.

"Proceed." He tells her, trying to gulp down his sick intentions. Though, it’s still there pulling in the back of his mind.

She scorns at him. A trait he’s very well familiar with. “You need to stop with your sick games.”

For a second, he’s suspicious of her words, hoping she hasn’t caught on to his long stares at her godly legs, or the way he licks his bottom lip when his eyes meet her scrumptious chest.

But when she mutters, “Eren,” he sighs in relief, forgetting how unruly he becomes when that boy is around.

He only does it out of pleasure, waiting to see the different types of reactions that appear on her face when she comes barging into his office. Very much like she is right now. And he is extremely pleased with the results, as sickening as that sounds.

"My actions don’t exist to satisfy your moods, Ackerman. You, of all people should know this." His words are always to the point, leaving no bullshit behind to second guess it.

Even she knows, because she’s scowling at him like a little child being scolded after doing something naughty. It’s entertaining, drinking the sight of her being this angry with him.

He should really keep up with this charade.

"You wouldn’t know how to satisfy people, sir. I can’t imagine anyone being pleased by what you do."

He arches a brow. Oh, this is interesting.

"Would you rather test that theory then? So confident in your words." He’s challenging her. Trying to press all the right buttons, in hopes she’ll fall right into the trap.

It’s a gamble, but dammit, he’s willing to throw it all in.

"And if I am? Are you willing to prove me wrong?"

Fuck. Upfront and willing to play by her own rules. She is everything he wants her to be.

"I’m more than willing," he tells her, low and tantalizing. What he would do to drive her against the wall right now. “And you’ll come to learn that soon enough.”

It’s a warning. He likes to be in control, always has. It’s a part of his rule, and she’ll come to figure that out on her own. Or so he hopes so.

"I’m game." The edges of her lips curve up, just enough to show the wicked gleam in her eyes. "Only if you back off Eren, I’ll stick around for that lesson of yours, Corporal.” Suddenly his pants is constricting, the air is too thick, and did her cleavage just get deeper?

Damn. She has him by his balls.

"You’re doing this on purpose."

"I am. And if I were you, I’d listen." She stalks off from his sight, slamming the door with just enough force, leaving him with a hard-on and a smirk of approval on his face.

Well, he’d be damned. It seems the clock is broken this time around.


And he’s calculating on his next move.

Safe Way

Not sure where I was going with this? 

"That flower you’re holding is filthy."

Surprised— though she doesn’t understand why she even bothers being caught off guard at this point, considering how typical it is for him to show up unexpectedly— she glances up at him with narrowed eyes.

The sun is just barely peeking through the branches of leaves— cloudless and wonderful as she’s sitting cross-legged, fiddling with a dandelion in her hand, feeling comfort from the soft breeze billowing slightly through her raven hair.

It’s supposed to be nice. Relaxing. A spared time to collect her wandering thoughts.

But somehow, it’s ruined. Thanks to a certain person.

"Corporal." She addresses, tight-lipped.

It’s never a pleasure to engage in a conversation with this man. Anyone who understood that, knew just how much of an asshole he could be. Or simply put, the man is just too work-striven to take anything else into consideration.

Much to that respect, she still finds herself in these odd circumstances.

"Formalities for once." The sarcasm in his voice goes unnoticed. She might just toss a rock at his head. "If you’ve got time to be indulging yourself with grime and polluted air, perhaps you should spend it more wisely on honing your disciplinary skills, Ackerman. There’s a thought.”

Here we go.

"I appreciate your concern, sir." Not in the slightest. "But I’m more than capable of looking after myself."

"Are you? Incapable seems more fitting for you."

"Your opinion is irrelevant as always."

"And she bites back." He chuckles, rolling his white sleeves up. "Such poor humor. No wonder you’re always pouting out here."

"I don’t do that. And for your information, my humor is just as good as anyone else’s. Yours, on the other hand…well that’s just it. You have none."

God, he knows how to get under people’s skin. He doesn’t even have to try, and he’s already ruined your day.

"I remember doing this," he stares aimlessly, as if he’s looking back at the remnants of his dark past. "Being out here. Not giving a damn."

She looks at him, amused. Levi preoccupied with anything that’s not related to Titans?

That’s truly hard to acknowledge.

He notices her expression, and sighs. “You’re assuming things, don’t. I have a life outside of work, Mikasa.”

Well, there’s a first.

"So what do you do outside of work then?" She could hardly imagine him being some kind of rock collector or a piss-poor drunk hanging loosely at the bars on the weekends.

"What I do doesn’t concern you." He says in his typical, ‘I’m an asshole' voice. Usually signifying that his secrets were his to keep.

Oh. So we’re back to this, are we?

"Great." She answers, completely unfazed by his defense mechanism to shut people out. "I wasn’t interested in knowing, if that’s what you were insinuating."

He smiles, as if confirming her suspicions. He looks funny like that, she notices at closer inspection. His eyebrows loosened, not knitted like he usually wears it during planned meetings or when he’s just sitting in his office doing paperwork. His mouth slack, and body posture relaxed makes him seem… normal for once.

The sight was really becoming of him.

"Penny for your thoughts?" He asks, suddenly looming over her.

Her heart quickens at the movement. What the hell? This reaction wasn’t normal… What they were doing wasn’t normal.

"What’s your family like?" The question slips out of her mouth before she has time to stop herself.

Levi stares at her for a moment, as if debating whether to tell her off or to disclose such a personal matter of his life to her.

But if she were expecting a, ‘It’s none of your damn business’, then she was completely wrong.

"Don’t know them. Wasn’t around long enough to know who they were or what their names was. The only family I did have however—" He pauses, smiling. The sight of it causing her insides to melt languidly. "Were two complete idiots I got the pleasure of knowing." His smile disappears instantly, and in return, his eyes become hollow— shadows casting over to hide the depthness of his pain.

"What happened?" She asks, curious of their roles in his life. Why hasn’t she met them before?

Though when he doesn’t say anything, his silence is enough for her to understand.

"I’m sorry." Two words that didn’t do anything. Didn’t mean anything, yet she felt that it would somehow comfort him.

And it did— at least she thought so— when she felt his hand on her shoulder. It was inappropriate, considering their relationship and all, but it felt right. She allowed it, and he let himself become undone by the small, endearing gesture.

"It’s okay," he gazed profoundly into her eyes. "I’ll be fine."

And she believed him, allowing this moment to become their own personal safe way for now.

Starting on Rivamika week! Can’t wait to finish these prompts :)

I. ADORE. RIVAMIKA. They are my SnK OTP. I also don't mind JeanKasa, and ErenLevi (mehehe!) Do you have a fanfiction account?

I’m glad you enjoy Rivamika. They are quite the pair, aren’t they? ;)

And concerning the fanfiction account, I am pleased to tell you, yes, I most certainly do have one :)

I go by the username: RivamikaDailyDose

Do you have any preferred ships from SnK? :) You might have already answered this somewhere, sorry if you have! :)

Oh, don’t be sorry!

My OTP is Rivamika (as my love to that pairing has brought me to the creation of this blog)

I also ship: Eremika, Jeankasa, and Eruhan :)

What’s yours? I would love to hear them.

Are you going to include the tampon scene in 50 shades of levi
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Of course, anon ;)
I’ll make it extra steamy.

HELLO YOU'RE AMAZING THANK YOU. I have recently watched SnK and naturally adore Levi, and I came here and found that you were basically an amazing Levi so thanks! :D

I’m so very glad my existence has brought you here to me. I adore new followers, and you, my darling, are the greatest example of wonderful to me. Please make yourself at home! I’ll make you cookies, and I’ll cherish you as my new friend. I hope you enjoy this blog thoroughly, as I will enjoy your company :)

#whisper: That anons words were right You need to write more passionate smut heichou
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Your wish is my command, dandelion.

Do you have links to your other 50 Shades of Levi posts?

I’ve only just started this shenanigan, my dear ;) but you are in luck. Here is the first of the many posts I will have.

50 Shades Of Levi